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Channel Dredging Project Page
This page was last updated on: December 31, 2021
Channel Dredging Background
Information related to the Rice Lake Channel Dredging project for 2020-2021 can be found on this page. This project is being proposed to allow continued access to Rice Lake from the Boat Ramp.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed towards this project and making it a success! 
Channel Dredging Contribution Request
GoFundMe page
DNR Application for Dredging Permit

Dredging Project Status

8/12/2020 - Site Survey completed as condition for MN DNR permit approval.
8/25 - MN DNR approves a permit for the dredging project.​
9/20 - Solicitations via GoFundMe page sent out to RLAA boat owners.
11/30 - Contributions of $8,450 have been collected via our GoFundMe page
12/3 - Awaiting word from contractor if project can be done this winter without the
          drawdown we had hoped for.
12/14 - Dredging contractor plans to work on the project this spring from the shoreline
          after the ice is out.
3/1/2021 - Dredging contractor encountered problem with some of his equipment
          going through the ice and had to postpone the project for this winter, since road
          weight restrictions went into effect later that week. Contractor hopes to work on
          this project in Fall 2021, assuming we are able to drawdown the lake.
7/14 - Dredging contractor confirms he can work on the project this coming fall
          of 2021, when a drawdown of the lake is anticipated. 
10/22 - Dredging begins!
10/25 - Dredging halted temporarily due to concern over resident trespassing.
10/26 - Dredging resumes.
10/27 - Dredging completed! Center depth at least 2' deeper than before!
10/28 - Adjacent channel rip-rap completed!

Thank you to everyone who has made this project possible! It has been in the making since 2010!

Dredge start 10-22-2021
View from bay towards lake 11-16-2021
View from lake towards bay 11-16-2021
Channel rip-rap along south side channel property. This will help reduce future channel erosion                                                      11-16-2021
Channel Dredging Project Summary